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Barbara Neuwelt


M.A. Leadership, Organizational Leadership from Royal Roads University (2011-2014). Program Director/ Policy Analyst in Primary Health Care, Health Promotion & Mental Health. Ottawa, Canada

Formerly: Director Diabetes Programs at Centretown Community Health Centre, Ottawa. (2012 to Sept. 2020

Currently Acting Director, Community Health Promotion and Early Years, Centretown Community Health Centre. Retiring in March 2021

“I am passionate about growth and change in society and in organizations, particularly in ways that better address the strengths

and needs of vulnerable populations. I have had two parts to my 20 year career in health, one as a public policy and research analyst and advocate in mental health and the other as a program manager and health

promotion professional in community-based primary health care settings

with a focus on chronic disease, early years and mental health."

Faisal Haq Shaheen


Faisal Haq Shaheen is a scholar practitioner who serves as a Manager of Information Systems with the City of Toronto as well as a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University. He holds a PhD in Policy Studies from Ryerson University along with an MBA in Sustainability from York University and Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Toronto. Faisal has been sharing capacity building research, management strategies and

policy insights with our community of civil society technocrats since the late 90s. He recently completed a comparative analysis of municipal

approaches to informal sector engagement across South Asia's largest cities. He is currently involved in the deployment of large enterprise

solutions at the City of Toronto, involving multiple stakeholders at

different levels of state and society. His research and course portfolio includes technology, globalization, international development, urban sustainability, informality, and local governance.

Monika Hauwert


I have worked as a nurse's aide for 32 years in a variety of capacities; private duty elder, physically challenged and special needs care, community involvement planning and execution for these individuals and their familes, specialized in patient care for those choosing to palliate at home or in hospice, as well as practiced colon hydrotherapy

and lifestyle counseling while running a natural detoxification clinic for 12 years.

In the past four years I am working in a variety of departments in a charity that supports special needs adults getting trained and fitted to jobs that they are well suited for. We co-operate with their support staff/agency to grow them in their abilities so that their quality of life and work becomes greatly enhanced. The avenue of work is through almost two thousand different thrift stores in twenty five countries.

I volunteer with special needs adults in my church and community, advocating for their best possible care and living circumstances. I also greatly enjoy music, and participate in large choir and orchestra productions three times a year. One of those concerts raises funds for disadvantaged young mothers in Mexico through Compassion Canada.


Meet our team of volunteers!

Fayyaz Baqir


Fayyaz Baqir is a visiting professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS) University of Ottawa. He served as an O’Brien Fellow at McGill University, and as a visiting scholar at the Department of Cultural Sciences, Gothenburg University (Sweden) and the School of European and International Public Law at Tilburg University (the Netherlands) in the past. His professional and academic interests include articipatory development, human rights, aid effectiveness, poverty alleviation, and social accountability. He co-designed and taught cross-border video conference-based courses on themes relating to Justice and Peace, Social Change and Politics of Human Development in Pakistan for Georgetown University, Harvard University, Wellesley College and Fatima Jinnah University. Earlier, he served as Senior Advisor on Civil Society for the United Nations in Pakistan. He received Top Contributors Award from the UNDP’s Global Poverty Reduction Network in 2007 and 2008. He has authored numerous journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, training manuals, and books on participatory development, inclusive governance, and poverty alleviation.

Atta Ullah Khan


I have a B.Sc. in City and Regional Planning (UET Lahore/ 1974) and an M.Sc. in Human Settlements Development (AIT Bangkok/ 1982). My experience as Housing and Urban Development Practitioner spans over 35 years and as Project Manager and commissioned researcher over 10 years. I have worked with consultants, tiers of government, academia, donors, and development finance institutions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

As Director (1983-2007) in Faisalabad Development Authority at Faisalabad (population 3.5 million). I played a lead role in regulating and catalyzing Faisalabad's urban transformation, performing management functions for urban development and urban infrastructure and services projects. I served as project manager on a DfID (UK AID) funded (Pound Sterling 16 million) slum improvement project namely Faisalabad Area

Upgrading Project, aimed at participatory model development for the provision of urban infrastructure and community services. My association with an ADB funded $45 million project catering to a populace of 28 million in Punjab exposed me to a wealth of experience in institutional development and provision of basic urban services through municipal governments. While in Canada, I have volunteered my professional time at

a number of non-profit institutions.

General Body Members

Meet our team of volunteers!

Nima Hussein


Nima Hussein is an organizer with the Herongate Tenant Coalition, an independent housing collective located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. United with her neighbours and community members, she works to resist displacement and build power in an underfunded, racialized area populated by working class immigrants, refugees, and people of colour. As a member of Youth Ottawa’s 2020 Amplified Fellowship cohort, Ms. Hussein explored sustainable social enterprise frameworks, with a focus on human-centred design. She is currently pursuing a degree in International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa.

Mahnoor Zaman


Mahnoor Zaman is an undergraduate student in Honours International Development

Studies, with a minor in Political Science. She is involved in the International Development Studies Students Association as the VP Finance, works on two undergraduate publishing journals, and has worked with The Knowledge Executive since the fall of 2022. Most recently, she joined the Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) in February 2024. As part of the Appraising Risks project, her research focus is on the historical and social factors, as well as limitations within local and national governance processes that have contributed to the severity of floods in Pakistan between 2010 and 2022.

Maryam Hussain


Ms. Maryam Hussain Khan is presently teaching as a visiting lecturer in the Department of Politics & International Studies at Karakoram International University, the only public sector university in Gilgit city. She has done M. Phil.  in Political Science from Government College

University, Lahore, and Hons in Defence & Diplomatic Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi. Her professional and academic interests include rural support and

development of local communities, human rights, public policy, working of government and non governmental organisations. Currently, she is also associated with and trying to offer services to The Knowledge Executive. She is also engaged with a group of friends to raise charity funds for the community and university students.

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