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Dev Talks

Here you'll find series of talks initiated by The Knowledge Executive to narrate the stories of trailblazing social entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Dev Talk 1

Conversation with Ms. Seema Aziz, Chairperson, Care Foundation, Pakistan

Dev Talk 2

Conversation With Arif Hasan About Mapping For Development

Dev Talk 3

Conversation With Dr. Abdul Bari Khan About Indus Hospital And Health Network

Dev Talk 4

Conversation With Salim Jam Khan On Sadaqa Food Bank

Dev Talk 5

Conversation With Aftab Rana On Ecotourism Initiative Of Indus River Dolphin

Dev Talk 6

Conversation With Sumaira Gul and Hamid Ullah On Solid Waste Management: “Trash is Cash”

Dev Talk 7

Conversation With Dr. Khalid Sohail On Mental Health and Mental Health Education

Dev Talk 8

Conversation With Mahnaz Mahar On Her Experience With SRSO

Dev Talk 9

Conversation With Dr. Suleman Shaikh On Finding The Sindh Graduate Association

Dev Talk 10

Civil Society and Discourse of Belonging

Dev Talk 11

Conversation With Abdul Saboor On Sewage Schemes In Khan Pur

Dev Talk 12

Conversation With Naveed Iftikhar On Dysfunctional Water Supply Scheme Restoration

Dev Talk 13

Conversation With Shama Khan On SOS Village

Dev Talk 14

Conversation With Fouzia Saeed About Women’s Rights & Passing Legislation In Pakistan

Dev Talk 15

Conversation With Asghar Sherazi On Corruption In Water & Power Development Authority

Dev Talk 16

Conversation With Zubair Bhatti About Land Record Management

Dev Talk 17

Conversation With Saleem Mansoor Khalid About Rebuilding A College

Dev Talk 18

Conversation With Fouzia Saaed About Lok Virsa (part 2)

Dev Talk 19

Conversation With Nadeem Bukhari On Protecting The Endangered Sulaiman Markhor Goat

Dev Talk 20

Conversation With Tariq Cheema, Founder of World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists

Dev Talk 21

Conversation With Shoaib Sultan Khan About Poverty Alleviation

Dev Talk 22

Conversation With Jameel Yusuf About Finding Citizens Police Liason Committee (part 1)

Dev Talk 23

Conversation With Kamran Ahmad About Pakistan’s Debt (part 1)

Dev Talk 24

Conversation With Huzaifa Umair About Dawah Healthcare

Dev Talk 25

Conversation With Mukhtar Ahmad Ali About Budget Making in Pakistan

Dev Talk 26

Conversation With Rumana Husain About Children’s Education Through Books and Reading

Dev Talk 27

Conversation With Kamran Ahmad About Pakistan’s Debt (part 2)

Dev Talk 28

Rural Support Programme

Dev Talk 29

Keynote address at Agricultural University Jamshoro in the workshop hosted by Hoopo.

Town Managers Wanted

The Knowledge Executive (TKE), a service organization, is recruiting Town Managers for restoring dysfunctional water supply schemes and municipal services in various towns of Pakistan. Young males and females interested in a public service career should send their applications to TKE.  Each applicant will be required to undergo a pre-qualification test. Successful candidates will have to go through mandatory training before the job interview.

If interested, please send your CV at:

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Help improve provision of basic services to low income communities.


Help improve provision of basic services to low income communities.