Anyone can make the difference. It begins with self and continues by creating islands of hope in the ocean of opportunities. You have to create your own island.

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Recruiting town manager

Tracking under allocation of resources

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Product marketing

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We want to engage you to create a digital platform for improving the management of local government by mapping, scoring, and ranking local government services. You will be identifying dysfunctional services, tracking under allocation of resources, monitoring under spending of the local budget, and keeping an eye on the under performance of local service providers.

Our Mission

The Knowledge Executive aims to serve as a repository of knowledge that harvests knowledge from the Global South to inform development practice in the Global North.


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Arthur Ashe

Our Purpose

To create a repository of knowledge based on success stories of human and social development, and develop knowledge products as well as organize digital knowledge events to educate aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Working within the system and living within the means

Our Style of Work

Field visits, innovation and partnership building

Our Strategy

Local-Local dialogue

Private public partnership

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Help improve provision of basic services to low income communities.


مُلک کے مالک آپ ہیں- آپ کی گلی ، محلے ، گاؤں میں جو پانی کی سکیمیں،

سیوریج کی سکیمیں، سکول اور ہیلتھ سنٹر بند پڑے ہیں اُن پر کروڑوں کا

سرمایہ خرچ ہوا ہے۔ اُنہیں بحال کریں۔ اُس سے لوگوں کا بھلا ہو گا ۔اور آپ

کی خدمات کے معاوضے میں آپکی مُستقل آمدنی ہو گی۔ ہم آپکی تربیت کریں

گے۔دُنیا بدلنی ہے تو پہلے خُود کو بدلیں۔ لوگوں اور حکومت سے اعتماد کا

تعلق قائم کریں۔

Interested in a Public Service Career?

Successful candidates will have to go through mandatory FREE training prior to job interview! 


Help improve provision of basic services to low income communities.