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by Fayyaz Baqir


Local Initiative

New in 2022

by Fayyaz Baqir

Better Spending for Localizing Global Sustainable Development Goals

by Fayyaz Baqir

The Art and Science of Linking
with the 'Other'

by Fayyaz Baqir

Poverty Alleviation and Poverty of Aid: Pakistan

by Fayyaz Baqir

The Award-Winning Book of 2021

The book, Social Transformation in Pakistan – The art and science of linking with the ‘other’, describes a trailblazing experience of alleviating power by harnessing the power of the poor. The book consists of annotated field notes of 40 years of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme’s (AKRSP) work in Pakistan that resulted in doubling the income of 100,000 families in the Himalayan, Karakoram, and Hindukush Mountain ranges of Pakistan. it shows that humility, willingness to learn from others, is a science and an art form at the same time. It also covers a host of issues related to truth speaking to power. The book shows how the capacity to learn from others can create miracles in alleviating poverty and helping communities realize their potential for development. It provides valuable insights to policymakers, practitioners, government officials, development assistance agencies, academics, and NGOs on the most effective way of achieving SDGs by investing in human and social capital formation.

The book received DR. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Book Award 2021 from the Council of Social Sciences (COSS) Pakistan in February 2022. The Council of Social Sciences, Pakistan will hold the award ceremony in mid-March in Islamabad. Dr. Ishrat Hussain former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan will deliver Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial lecture. Read more here!

About the AHK Award: The Award is given every year to the best book by a Pakistani scholar. The Award is given to books covering any one of the following fields: rural/urban development, poverty and its alleviation, peace, and gender discrimination. Written in English, Urdu or other Pakistani languages the book must meet international academic standards in its substance and format.


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Old Tales Retold

by Fayyaz Baqir

Story of the Office

by Fayyaz Baqir
Illustrations: Bira Khan

Thanks brother. Just the right thing for our grand kids.

Professor Khurram Khan

Riphah University

Vow, it is amazing. Loved it.

Dr. Sarah Ali, Toronto

Good effort.

Shoaib Mansoor, Filmmaker

Great Work.

Nazim Khizr


Mukhtar Ahmad Ali

Very attractive and well composed.

Hidayat Ullah Neakakhtar

Excellent Production.

Ali Asghar Hasnain

Reviews - Old Tales Retold

This is amazing.

CEO Sindh Rural Support Program


Prabhjot Sodhi MBE

Sr Program Director - Circular Economy Centre for Environment Education (CEE). New Delhi

How beautifully you have picturized the Social Mobilisation concept. You are a genius.

Shoaib Sultan Khan

Chairman Rural Support Program Network

I just read it and LOVE it. Bravo!!!!! Congratulations. The comic book format and beautiful artwork made its content so much easier and more pleasurable to read. It also, and this to me is a critical point, made it more EMOTIONAL, which is an important way to reach and engage your readers. It helps them care, which in turn, helps them remember the content of the comic. Very exciting!!

The work you do fills my heart, Fayyaz. What gifts to the world.

This type of comic, to me, is a wonderful kind of ‘product’ we can sell at the Village, obviously affiliated with what we are teaching at the learning hub. But, we will also be curating for others, using our platform to uplift, so there will be room for your wonderful work.

I am so proud of and inspired by you.

Brenda Keesal

Filmmaker, Montreal



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